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What we campaign for:

1. To bring the Basic State Pension to a level that lifts pensioners out of poverty and how we would fund it (part 1 & part 2)

2. Introduce and enforce legislation that protects the elderly in care, in hospital and being cared for in their own home (part 3)

3. To put a stop to emotive and discriminatory references used to describe the elderly and create resentment in the younger generations (part 4)

These are our main focuses but over the years we have found we increasingly are lobbying just to keep what we have and increasingly pensioners are under attack.

It needs to be remembered that as the economy improves people of working age can either get into employment or improve their pay levels and circumstances.  While they are waiting they can improve their chances of employment by taking advantage of further education and training.

Once retired pensioners have few options of how they can improve their circumstances.  If they are lucky enough to have decent public sector or private pensions they are affected by taxation and interest rates.  When the economy is stagnant the interest rates they relied on is zilch so they have to use their capital and there comes a time when this runs out.

By nature pensioners are prudent and even in their 80’s they are reluctant to spend money on ‘luxuries’ but as government cuts continue to bite and prices continue to rise they spend less and less money and indeed 660,000 who live on pension credits simply do not have any money to spend once the priority bills are paid.

Pensioners contribute much to the economy far more than they get out.  In caring, child care and volunteering they actually save the country more than the country gives them in state pension.  

Already cracks are appearing in the ‘new’ state pension proposals with pensioners standing to lose £2,500 per year because of the rules on SP 2. Originally the idea was to lift all pensioners out of means tested benefits but it is now very obvious that the ‘new’ amount will not achieve this and the poorest pensioner will still receive Guaranteed Pension Credits and top ups such as rent allowance, council tax rebate etc.

So the Government has instead of simplifying the State Pension has actually added another layer of bureaucracy to an already overly complicated system. Surely it is not rocket science to have one competent system for everyone?



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It is with great sadness we announce the loss of our Vice Chair Brian Fletcher who died on the 19th August 2013 after a short illness. Brian was a founder member of this campaign and until recently still active and passionate about what we are fighting for.  We send our heartfelt sympathy to his family.